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Αποτελέσματα μετάφρασης

SATURDAY 21 AUGUST 19:15 – 20:00 As part of the Festival, there will be an Exhibition of mathematical-visual works by the students of the Mathematics Group of the Experimental High School of the University of Macedonia. Various types of isometries (displacements, reflections, sliding reflections, turns) and tessellations are implemented in the projects. Also, a Workshop will be held which will start with a tour of the Exhibition of the works of the students of the Mathematics Group. The tour will analyze the mathematical background of the projects with the help of models and multimedia material. The multimedia material visually explains in a dynamic geometry environment the isometries and mosaics implemented in the works of the Dutch visual artist M.C. Escher. The participants will then create their own visual works with a mathematical content with the help of the students of the Mathematics Group. They will discover how to create designs that implement various kinds of isometries and mosaics on the plane and will try to give form to their creations. The Workshop is flexible and can be attended by students of all ages (Elementary, Middle School, High School) as well as adults. Parents can also watch it with their children.


The theater game, both as an art form and as a means of learning important concepts, has for years made its presence felt in the area of ​​the educational community. It is recommended for all age groups, as it cultivates the individual’s social skills in a playful way and offers a wealth of creative stimuli. In this specific laboratory, it will function as a research and intervention tool in the teaching subject of natural sciences. Our purpose is that through the joy and enjoyment of group and experiential work, the participants will be led to learning.

Workshop for children:

SATURDAY 21 AUGUST 18:00 – 21:00

The water cycle (Ages 6 to 8 years): Duration 1 hour Through a complete theatrical play of four phases children experience the value of the water cycle. On the occasion of this natural phenomenon, they become aware of environmental issues and know the world around them in the way they know how to do it best by playing.
The Concept of Speed ​​(Ages 9 to 12): Duration 1 hour. In everyday life, the term “velocity” is used to define how fast or slow an object or body is moving. In this workshop, through playful activities, our little friends will be introduced to this concept and better understand the specific terminology.
Strength & Balance (Teens): Duration 1 hour. What is power? What balance? What does it mean to stand still and what do I change? What is inertia? Through experiential work, teenagers will answer the above questions and clarify theoretically difficult concepts of physics, which are everywhere around them in their daily life.
Adult workshop

SUNDAY 22 AUGUST 18:00 – 20:00

Teaching of Physics through the theatrical game method: Duration 2 hours. Theatrical play as a means of learning physical concepts is the living proof that art and science exist within each other and at the same time interact. In this case, it is used as an imaginative and creative way that transforms the content of natural sciences into knowledge, keeping the game as the main axis. To participate in the seminar you need:
Comfortable clothes
Sports shoes
Demonstration of a negative self test
The maximum number of participants is 25 people.
The arrival time is set half an hour before the start of the workshop.

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